Pop pop pop…salty and sweet, now without carcinogens!

Popcorn is one of my favorite snack foods.  As a kid, we had an air popper and I would pop giant bags and sell it along with lemonade at my summer lemonade stands.  I mean really, who doesn’t feel like a refreshing lemonade after a salty snack?!  Then as I got older, microwave popcorn came on the market.  Pretty quickly, convenience and buttery flavoring won out over lugging out the old air popper.

Then a few years ago reports started coming out about how microwave popcorn plant workers had unusually high rates of cancer and how all of the chemicals they use in the bags and artificial buttery flavorings were pretty nasty stuff.  It made me think…why do I need a microwave to pop corn?  My next trip to the store resulted in a bulk bag of organic corn and a mission…to pop corn from scratch and use the deliciousness of nature as my flavor guide.  I have to say, it was an entirely liberating experience!  As I held the pan handle over the burner and felt each little kernel explode, I wound up giggling like a little kid again, and my husband looked on questioning my sanity. (Really just another day in the Hilliard home)

Popcorn has become a staple snack once again, but now instead of the artificial flavorings, it’s salt and local honey all the way.  I think the salty & sweet combo is perfection, but pop up some corn and experiment with your own flavor concoctions!  I promise you won’t go back to the expensive, overly packaged, artificially flavored, possibly cancerous, microwave version ever again.

How to pop corn:

1.) Pour just enough oil in a pan to coat the bottom when heated.  A tablespoon is usually pretty good.

2.) Place a few kernels in the pan and cover

3.) Heat to medium-high and wait for a kernel to pop

4.) Add enough corn to cover about 2/3 of the bottom of your pan & cover

5.) Give the pan a shake every 10 seconds or so to keep things moving.  Your kernels will begin to pop…and smiles begin to widen 🙂

6.) When there are about 2-3 seconds between pops, remove the pan from the stove and pour popcorn into your favorite bowl

7.) Add seasonings.  I start with some honey drizzled on top and a little shake of salt!

8.) Share with a friend and enjoy a good movie…I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I think “Real Genius” might be appropriate 🙂

This post inspired by: Fast Food Wrappers and Popcorn Bags Leach Fire-Fighting Chemical into Food


2 responses to “Pop pop pop…salty and sweet, now without carcinogens!

  1. This is the only way we make popcorn anymore. Glad you’re giving it some love.

    I wonder if Jiffy Pop is full of carcinogens. Real Genius got me thinking…

    • Well,
      Jiffy Pop doesn’t need the special chemicals to coat the paper bag since it is in the tin foil popper, so that is a good thing, but it still has all of those extra artificial buttery flavorings which are no good. Hmm…do you think we can find a laser technician at PSU?

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