How happy are you with your Happy Meal?

A friend sent me this article today and I thought readers might be interested.  Just another reason to avoid McDonalds.  Think about it…food is supposed to rot and break down.  If it doesn’t, is it really food?  The article notes that the hamburger feels like plastic and seems completely preserved.  Imagine what your body must go through in order to breakdown and digest something like that.  If the energy it takes to digest the food is more than the energy you get from the nutrients in the food, it is worth it?  This is the reason we feel sluggish and tired after eating food with little nutritional value.  It is a simple efficiency equation!

I’ll go back to the food is fuel discussion.  If the true purpose of eating a meal is to fuel your body so that you have energy to do all of the things you want to do with your day, why eat something that is going to be counterproductive and put you in a food coma?  Many people will argue that it is because it tastes good, and I challenge that argument.  It doesn’t really taste good, it’s just that all of the salt and preservatives fool you into thinking that it does.  Once people learn how to cook for themselves and/or know where to buy good nutritious food on the go, they tend to find that the food tastes better and their bodies feel better too.


One response to “How happy are you with your Happy Meal?

  1. Makes me want a big juicy Big Mac!! um, yeah not really. I think the point of what you put in your body to fuel it, is a lesson I need to remind myself everyday.

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