Misfits at the market!

Pumpkin farmers profit from odd ugly varieties

I was so happy to see this article!  People are starting to realize that vegetables are not all the same size and perfectly round.  All too often, farmers aren’t able to sell a lot of their produce because grocery stores won’t buy anything that doesn’t look perfectly “perfect”, and a lot of our food ends up just rotting away in the fields.  Nature has a way of making each living thing unique, and vegetables are no exception.  I have always loved the unique shapes and sizes of the vegetables that I find at the market.  Just this past week a farmer had a whole basket full of these misfit carrots!

Next time you are at the market, grab something a little unique looking…it is guaranteed to be a conversation piece when you bring it home, you will be supporting your farmer, and it really will taste just as good as those “perfect” looking ones.


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