It’s October 1st. Happy World Vegetarian Day!!

Farmers Market

Photo by: Brie Hilliard

In honor of World Vegetarian Day, I thought I would put together a top 10 statistics and reasons to go veggie…even if only for one day a week.  Personally I am not a strict vegetarian, but as I have adopted a more veggie centered diet, I have been much healthier and have way more energy!
10. Save water – It takes 600 gallons of water to produce one hamburger…that’s a lotta water!!!
9. If efficiency is your thing – It takes 2 lbs of grain to produce a quarter pound of burger.
8. Save money!!! – You can buy way more quality organic food with the money you would have spent on expensive meat…no more excuses for not buying organic.
7. “Give a hoot, don’t pollute!” – farmed animals produce 130 times more waste than humans and our current factory farming system just pollutes the land, water and air.
6. Seasonal variety – eating veggies with the seasons is delicious and there is always something new and exciting at the market.
5. Make fewer trips to the doctor – a vegetarian diet is healthier than a meat based diet (given that you don’t fry all of your veggies) and reduces the occurrences of heart disease.
4. The cute factor – I dare you to go to a farm and not fall in love with the animals.
3. Regularity – there is no fiber in meat…eat your veggies and get your fiber.
2. Workers Rights – slaughterhouse workers have the most dangerous factory jobs in America because of the speed of slaughter lines and lack of safety equipment.
1. Solve world hunger – If Americans reduced their meat consumption by 10%, it would free 12,000,000 tons of grain.  That’s enough to feed 60,000,000 people.

2 responses to “It’s October 1st. Happy World Vegetarian Day!!

  1. Sounds like we need to eat at Someday Lounge again tonight!

    • That place was great! For all of you living in Portland, they have a great vegetarian menu, excellent happy hour until 8:00, and from what I hear have great shows too! I highly recommend their BBQ Tempeh Wrap.

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