There has been a lot of focus recently on genetically modified salmon as the FDA is just days away from approving the first GM animal for our consumption.  These salmon would grow about twice as fast as regular salmon, making them much more profitable to farm and would provide more for the market at a time when we are seeing wild salmon shortages.  GMOs could some day provide a safe and viable food source, but for now I am opposed to any GMO until the FDA develops a testing process for each new product set to go out to market.  At the moment, they are rushing the approval of the GM salmon and classifying it in the same way as they do veterinary drugs.  We will not know whether these products are truly safe until they have been rigorously tested in double-blind studies which are available to the public and the privacy is taken out of our food.  We just don’t know enough to know if it is safe.  For now if you would like to make sure you aren’t eating any GMOs, Certified Organic is your best bet next to knowing your farmer or growing your own.

If you would like to read more, here are a few articles I found to be helpful in understanding the issues:

Organic Consumers Association

Sorting Out the Myth And Reality Of Transgenic Fish

Are Genetically Engineered Foods (Including Salmon) More Allergenic?


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