Veggies are sexy but plastic is not

My friend Mira sent me the link to this commercial for baby carrots…”Now in new junk food packaging”, and I just can’t not write a post about it.  First off, let’s start with the marketing.  These guys are genius!  I think they might actually get teenage boys to eat their veggies…all the while sitting on the couch playing video games, but still, carrots instead of chips or those tiny pizza roll thingies would be a very good thing (yes, “thingies” IS the technical term thankyouverymuch).  So the general message I agree with…eat your carrots, they are delicious!  Oh yeah, and don’t forget that veggies are sexy!

I have always been a big supporter of the carrot.  My husband likes to joke that we almost broke up over carrots once because I used to put them in his salads and he hated them, but here’s the kicker…once he started eating raw fresh carrots from the market, he absolutely loves them now.  It’s true!  Now don’t get me wrong, I used to be guilty of eating and serving the bagged baby carrots too, so I totally understand it when people buy them.  That being said, here is the question, WHY is it necessary to make carrots all look exactly the same  by skinning them and cutting them down to the perfect little torpedoes and packaging them in plastic in order to sell them in the store?  If you ask most kids in America  where carrots come from, they can’t tell you that they are grown in the ground.  When you inform them of it, they are completely grossed out by the fact that they were at one time covered in dirt.  We have taught our kids (and their parents for that matter) that everything needs to look perfect and be sterile in order to be edible, and of course the only way we can know for sure that the food is safe, is if it is packaged in plastic.  It’s just so wrong and entirely misleading, especially when that is where the problems come in!  It seems like each week now I hear about another recall of some factory farmed food due to e-coli or salmonella, and it is all happening because of this extensive processing of our foods.  Carrots don’t need to be processed and there is nothing wrong with a little dirt (especially chemical free dirt).  So next time you are at the farmers market or the grocery store…or better yet, your back yard, grab a bunch of carrots with the leafy stems and skin still on, wash the dirt off and eat one raw…I think they are even tastier (and sexier) than candy! 😉


4 responses to “Veggies are sexy but plastic is not

  1. I would think that full-sized carrots would be more sexual in this context! Do you think that kids would be as grossed out eating french fries if they knew that they were potatoes and came from the ground?

  2. Can you imagine Bugs Bunny nibbling on one of those little tiny carrots out of the plastic bag?!?! Kids of this generation don’t have Bugs Bunny eating carrots like we saw. I’m thinking we need to start re-educating our children where most of them are spending their time (a whole different topic…but until that is fixed): the TV! I vote for the integration of natural, whole, real foods and why they are good for you and the environment be added to cartoons and children’s shows. And change the commercials and make those neon tubes of yogurt go away! It could actually work.

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